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Our Alice in Wonderland Movie Premier Costumes

Mad Hatter CostumeWe twisted the arms of friends and family to join us in the challenge of creating costumes in the style of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie.

As is true of most projects, the last stitch was gathered barely in time to join the crowd at Valley River’s Regal Cinema.

It was so funny, as the party in the lobby transformed into a riot of cell-phone-cameras taking pictures in every direction of someone with someone in costume.

Did we take a picture of YOU?

With our cast of committed characters, lots of revelers were cajoled into taking their picture with our gregarious queen and her fellow players. At last, we’ve finally posted them here. If you joined us for a picture, the odds are very good that you’ll find the one you’re looking for at one of the following links….

More Friends
Wonderland Premiere

Also, a few of us were tasked with taking as many pics as possible.

So we did!

The pictures at the links below follow us from start to finish as we:put on costumes & makeup for the premiere, join in the merriment, and
wind down back at Nobody’s Baby after the event…

Makeup And Costumes
Just Us Hams
Heading Home
Winding Down



Welcome to the premiere of our first short short short “movie!”
The Red Queen calls for her pig and reclaims her throne
as her loyal subjects gather ’round for a photo-op.

One Must Bow Down…
The Red Queen receives an offer she can’t refuse!

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