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Drop by 365 E 13th, or give us a call at 541-343-6842

We are open 11 – 6 Monday-Saturday and 12-4 Sunday.

Nobody’s Baby specializes in vintage clothing, accessories, and random-collectible-fun-things.

We also rent costumes – which cover a wide range of characters, history, people, and animals (rabbits, gorillas, etc).

Nobody’s Baby is primarily  a vintage clothing  store,  located  in the university  district of the lovely  town of Eugene,  Oregon. We have been around  under various  names  since  the mid 1980s and  in the 90s started operating under our current name. Nobody’s  Baby was a 1930s  vaudeville  song  that has since been  recorded by a variety of artists. Owner, Linda Collins,  likes  to say that the clothes she sells are currently  Nobody’s  Baby until you take ownership  of each lovely  piece, at which point, of course,  the piece  becomes  your baby.

In the 1980s  Linda purchased  the contents of a costume  rental business  and  found  that she  loved  this aspect of clothing  as well. We find  that marrying  the two businesses works rather well. There is, however,  a bit of a quandary when deciding  whether  a new purchase is to live  its life as a vintage or costume  piece. Inside of Nobody’s  Baby, customers will find a costume  rental area with an amazing  number of costumes  and accessories  tightly  fit in to a small space. We do year  round costume  rentals  for teens and adults, sorry no children’s  costumes.

Linda started collecting vintage  clothing  in the mid 1970s and has been passionate  about this endeavor ever since. The sense of history and  the better quality of vintage  clothing are but two of the reasons Linda  remains  in love with vintage  clothes. She also has a definite “rescuer” mentality and wants to make sure these  lovely  items don’t  just disappear  into a rag barrel or landfill.

We maintain a small area designated  as designer  label clothing and try to carry at least some “costume” pieces  for sale year round  for events  such as the Oregon Country  Fair, Burning Man, Faerieworld, and Talk Like a Pirate Day,  to name a few. At Nobody’s  Baby in Eugene, we are known for our customer service and would like  to extend an invitation  to experience  our excellent  service.

If you are in our area for any of our famous events  such as world famous track events,  a UO athletic event,  the Oregon Bach Festival,  Faerieworld, etc., please drop  in an see us at 365 E. 13ft Ave.  in Eugene,  the home of the University of Oregon. We  reside in a lovely green valley and yes, we must put up with a lot of rain  to stay  this green but we also have a very colorful Fall and great non-humid summers. Skiing and other winter  activities are close by and the Pacific Ocean  is an hour away also. While here please also enjoy some of our many excellent wineries and craft breweries. We are open Mondays  through Saturdays  1 1 am  to 6 pm and Sundays 12  to 4 pm.