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Our Costume Rental Service

MuskateerWe have a nice line of make-up, plenty of accessories (wigs, stockings, tights, boas, gloves, hats, masks, headbands, etc, etc) along with strange and unusual one-of-a-kind items. Wonder Woman


For those of you in a hurry, think of the ease of our full-head-to-toe-costume-rental-service:

You come in, our costumers help you select a costume (or to fulfill your costume concept), you pay and leave. Then when your event is upon you, come back in and pick up your costume, fitted, ironed and all ready to go, accessories and all!


steampunkcouple2012sm_tNow days packaged costumes tend to cost in the $30-50 range but don’t include all the things you need to really make your costume pop!

Our rentals include such items as gloves, jewelry, swords, props, wigs, headpieces/hats and some shoes/boots, etc. as appropriate. Instead of a packaged costume cost (that still need multiple accessories) our rentals will have you looking fantastic with everything you need included (except maybe make-up) for a much lower total cost in your time and money.

Our expert costumers work year round and have produced many award/prize winning costumes!

For Treasure Hunters seeking that perfect item for your Costume Vision: we also have costume parts and pieces for sale, and we generally have key accessories for rent like that special hat, feather boa… whatever you may need to complete your creation.


KingOur rental prices for full head-to-toe costumes are in the $55 to $75 dollars per day range. With hundreds and hundreds of costumes available, your best option is to come in and see what is available that meets your needs. If you need the same costume for a second day/event you can rent it the second time for half-price.

For the 11 months that aren’t October, we also rent props and partial costumes to help you complete your vision.

We are open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm and Sundays 12 – 4 pm.  For renters, we recommend coming in no later than 5:30 pm so we have enough time to give you the attention you deserve! silkspectrespiderman2012med_t

Click here for a general list of some costume ideas that we can help you with !

COSTUME IDEAS: At the store we have a large (3-inches thick) photo album of Costume Pictures for you to look over. Also, we costumed a large group for the Alice in Wonderland premiere. You’ll find costume pictures from the event here.

For your amusement, here is a Top 10 Reasons list that I had fun creating!  See you soon….


10.  When you finally put on your costume, you notice it bears NO resemblance to the picture on the package cover.

9.  You didn’t win the costume contest trip to Hawaii because there were 27 of the same exact costumes competing.

8.  Oh, you’re not wearing a costume as the government shutdown somehow held up your costume delivery in the mail.

7.  As you hurriedly dress at 9 pm on 10/31, you realize (OMG) one size doesn’t fit all.

6.  You are freezing to death because your entire costume weighs less than your false eyelashes.

5.  The drunken smoker next to you just got ashes on your costume and half of it melted and stuck to your skin.

4.  After you bought your costume for $39.95 you had to go out and buy 5 accessories, which came to $87.59.

3.  Elvis was in the building, but he had to leave when he realized that everyone could see his underwear through the cheap material.

2.  You just realized that you have single handedly added to the trade deficit with China.

1.  None of the trick or treaters recognize your costume, stupidly not realizing that Snow White had a ten inch long skirt.